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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do your charters pick up?

We are docked in Port Washington, NY. All departure/returns are from Safe Harbor Capri Marina. We are located right out back from Nino’s Beach Restaurant. Free street parking is available on orchard beach blvd. Alternative pickup/drop offs can sometimes be arranged and will incur additional costs.

Is fuel included in the cost?

For day charters fuel is included for idle/trolling speed around local areas. For high speed cruising fuel is charged extra

How many passengers are allowed on board?

Per USCG regulations, maximum 10 passengers, no exceptions. All children regardless of age to count in the total passenger count on board.

What if we are late to arrive to the dock?

Please arrive 10 to 15 minutes early for your charter. You have the duration of time in which you booked for. Thank you for arriving on time

Is smoking allowed?

We are a Regulated United States coast guard drug-free vessel. Vapes, electronic cigarettes are permitted.

If you plan on using anything with a flame you MUST talk to the captain and they will assist you in finding permitted areas of the boat.

Are pets or dogs allowed?

We love animals but would feel terrible if anything were to happen to them. Please arrive pet-free for your trip. Service or guide dogs are always permitted with documentation.

What safety equipment is available?

All vessels come with life jackets, emergency and first aid kits. If you have known allergies or medical requirements, please bring spare medication in the event of an emergency.

Do I need to bring ID?

The charterer must provide a valid government issued ID and matching credit card for which they used to make the reservation.

Is there a minimum age to book?

You must be 21 years or older to book a charter with OSCA Yachting.

Are coolers and ice included?

We will always have a large cooler filled with ice for your refreshments.

Are kids allowed aboard?

Kids are allowed on board the yacht if they are accompanied by
a parent or legal guardian. All children 13 & under are required by
USCG to remain in a life jacket for the entirety of the trip.
Children do count towards the 10 passenger max. There should always be a 1:1 ratio for any child under 18 with a parent or guardian

Is the boat wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately not for all. If a passenger can get in and out of their wheelchair and our crew or their companions can safely help them on we can accommodate passengers in wheelchairs however there is no ramp for wheeling on and off.

Do you offer lifejackets?

Yes and all our life jackets meet state safety requirements.

Will I get motion sickness on the charter?

Our boat is steady and safe but conditions on the waterways can get
choppy. It’s rare, but sometimes passengers who are sensitive may experience motion sickness. If you know you are susceptible to motion sickness, take some Dramamine or try our Sunset Cruise, which features naturally calmer night-time waves.

Will we get wet?

Not unless you want to! You may see some spray hit the back of the boat, but the captain and crew will warn you ahead of time to move to the bow (front) of the boat
to avoid it. Also, if we encounter rough weather, there is our dry cabin to take
refuge in.

Is the tour safe for people who can not swim?

Yes! Our boat is safe and seaworthy and has high gunwales (rails) so everyone stays on the boat and there is no need for swimming unless you want to take a dip.

Can we go swimming?

Yes, we are happy to throw anchor anywhere that it’s safe and calm for swimming.